I always struggled with defining myself in any certain terms. I grew up with a mix of national, ethnic, linguistic and cultural identities. I’ve switched careers, lived in 5 countries and am fluent in 4 languages in addition to the visual language. I believe that everyone and everything is complex and multidimensional. It is this story of complexity that I love exploring in my still and moving images.
I got into photography in 2005 and into filmmaking in 2015 through the world of documentary, drawn to portraying the multiverse of human existence. Although I began with production and directing, very soon I found myself unable to let go of the camera, and it’s the making of the image that is still (by far) the main driver in all my work. Aside from documentary I have since shot advertising, various video content, as well as short fiction and many things that fall in between formats and genres.
Each story is different and should be approached in a way that serves it best and I love creating the right visual vocabulary for it.
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