BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.): Behind The Concept Is a compact narration of a selection of some key episodes that lead to the creation of B.A.S.. From a serious clubbing routine and relationship, as an extraction of the dance floor experience, to the contact with the ''Master of the Subs’’, Rafael Lins, the series of site-specific sound installations concept came to life after a decade of practices and obsession around subwoofers, bass and sub-bass frequencies.
BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.) is an ongoing investigation of the possible interactions between sub-bass, bodies, and subwoofers via a series of site-specific sound installations composed of subwoofer arrangements and sub-bass. Throughout organized sub-bass frequencies spoke by subwoofers, Stefanie Egedy explores how this particular frequency-range communicates with multiple types of bodies – not only human bodies, but also structural aspects of the space where the installation is presented, informing correlations between sound and constructional features (dimensions, materials, walls, columns, and floor). Often without conscious awareness, bodies cultivate automation of perception. While usually inattentive to the complex network of physical resonances in its environment, bodies are sensitized through the materiality of larger sound waves. How interactions with sub-bass, and subwoofers offer new possibilities in creating and experiencing realities?
Filmed by: Polina Georgescu
Edited by: Shai Levy

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